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  • chunks — tʃʌnk n. lump, piece …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Fist Sized Chunks — Infobox Album | Name = Fist Sized Chunks Type = Album Artist = Skin Yard Released = 1990 Recorded = Spring/Summer, 1989 Genre = Grunge Length = ??:? Label = Cruz Producer = Skin Yard Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5… …   Wikipedia

  • blow chunks — verb a) To vomit chunks of undigested food. The old version was okay, but the new version blows chunks. b) To suffer from explosive diarrhea …   Wiktionary

  • blow chunks — puke, vomit, barf, throw chunks    Juan, my boy, if you go for a ride on that Ferris wheel right after dinner, you ll blow chunks! …   English idioms

  • blow\ chunks — To throw up. Chris did it again. Drank too much and blew chunks all over the floor last night …   Dictionary of american slang

  • Blowing\ Chunks — Throwing up, puking, up chucking. Veronica felt sick so she s in the bathroom blowing chunks …   Dictionary of american slang

  • throw chunks — vomit, puke, barf, hurl, woof your cookies    One look at those oysters and she started throwing chunks. Yuk! …   English idioms

  • blow chunks — Verb. To vomit. E.g. Suzanne s been blowing chunks all night so I don t expect her to want any breakfast. Orig. U.S …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • blow chunks — AND blow chow; blow grits; blow lunch tv. to vomit. □ She drank too much and left the room to blow chunks. □ Who’s been blowing lunch in the john? □ The smell was so bad I thought I was going to blow chow. □ Where’s Kim? She was blowing grits in… …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • blow chunks — blow ˈchunks idiom (NAmE, slang) to ↑vomit Main entry: ↑blowidiom …   Useful english dictionary

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